Medical Mnemonics  v.

mnemonic, noun: a short rhyme, phrase, or other mental technique for making information easier to memorize [from Greek mnēmonikos, “relating to memory”]. Mnemonics got me through medical school and the USLME steps. Wherever you are within the

KanjiCan  v.3 1

KanjiCan contains over 2000 whimsical, easy-to-remember mnemonics to help you remember the kanji. Features: - Tons of original mnemonics and componenents. - Mnemonics for both ON and kun readings.


Adobe Block Builder  v.1.0.1

Adobe Block Builder is an Adobe AIR application, enable you to easily create individuated marketing material using the Adobe Developer Campaign 3D product blocks and mnemonics. The grid can be tilted as well as hidden with a simple click using the

Generate Acronym and Mnemonic Device Software  v.7.0

Generate many acronyms and mnemonics based on words that you enter. For example, Peter Sobol generates P.S. as an acronym and Peter generates Private Easy Tinted Eloquent Reader as a mnemonic device.

KOYO Ethernet OPC Server  v.3 1

KOYO Ethernet OPC Server supports all memory types of the Direct Logic 205 and 405 series PLCs via Ethernet H2-ECOM and H4-ECOM modules.

Foreign Language Game Collection  v.2 2

Learn Spanish, French, Russian, Greece and other languages having fun with 5 motivating language games, a multiple choice test and a lesson editor.

DirectSOFT32 - Programming  v.4.0.025

DirectSOFT32 is full-featured PLC programming package that supports all of the DirectLOGIC families of PLCs, including all DL05, DL06, DL105, DL205, DL305, DL405, and all of their Koyo cousins from GE, TI and Siemens.

Memorization Master final  v.1.0

Memory and attention development/testing software. Memory development and testing software. Now anyone who claims that he can memorize things can be tested by our "Memorization Master" computer program. "Memorization master" is used to control your

Empty Folder Nuker  v.1.3.0

Empty Folder Nuker finds and deletes all empty folders starting from a base folder of your choice. Features: 1. Finds folders that contain only empty subfolders too 2. Allows you to choose which empty folders to delete 3. Uses the Recycle Bin where

GRE_2  v.

This enables students, to learn and manage thier learning of GRE English vocabulary list. The collection of nearly 4000 words gives a good vocablary to student. The words are divided in form of lists,

PLT Import for SolidWorks  v.1.0

PLT Import for SolidWorks is a HPGL Plot (.

PLT Export for SolidWorks  v.1.0

PLT Export for SolidWorks is a HPGL Plot PLT file export add-in for SolidWorksT«.

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